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Honesty, integrity & experience

Hank’s Concrete Service was founded in 2012. The current owner Matt had over 10 years of experience before taking over the company. Matt grew up in the concrete industry, and his dad owned his own concrete company which instilled him with passion and experience.

Matt named his home-grown concrete service after his son Hank who loves heavy equipment and the company’s concrete employees. Following in his father’s footsteps Hank is now growing up in the concrete industry and sharing in the family’s passion for the pursuit of excellence.

Hanks Concrete Service started out in residential concrete helping the families and communities that Matt and his employees call home. As time went on Hank’s built relationships and brought on a specialist estimator which helped them make the leap into the world of commercial concrete work.



Scale & Scope of Projects

This led to larger and larger jobs, as well as working with a diverse range of commercial industries. To date, they have worked with dozens and dozens of commercial properties of every conceivable scale and type.

In the realm of commercial concrete many of Hank’s projects range between 10,000 to one-million square feet. Though their driving spirit is more than willing to one day tackle a project over a million square feet.

Crowning Achievement

One of Hank’s Concrete Service’s crowning achievements was the PACE Performing Arts theater in Council Bluffs. They handled all the concrete installation from top to bottom, including all the footings, walls, foundations, and all flatwork. The theater seating inside the PACE was a rewarding technical challenge that showed off what Hank’s can truly do. It required the utmost attention to detail and technical precision. All of which came off without a hitch.

Why Hank’s Concrete Service Is The Best

A personal pride in professionalism and service is one of the biggest things that sets Hank’s Concrete Service apart from its competitors. From the first day to today, Hanks Concrete Service believes in a personalized touch. To the point that the owner Matt answers most phone calls, and even if he can’t take your initial call, he makes it a point to call everyone back.

Though this kind of pride in professionalism also extends to punctuality and precision. Hank’s prides itself on meeting schedules and demands with honesty and forthrightness. They never over promise and strive to over-deliver.

Hank’s Concrete Service is registered with the state of Nebraska as well as fully bonded and insured.

Ready to Tackle Any Job

Hank’s Concrete Service maintains a massive amount of manpower to handle just about any scale or type of residential or commercial concrete job. They never bite off more than they can chew.

Matt and Hank’s Concrete Service employees are members of the communities they serve. Your family matters to their families. They frequent the business and commercial properties they serve with pride, and the kind of values that are rooted in good old-fashioned, honest, work-ethic.