Hank’s Concrete Service is one of the industry-leading commercial concrete installation and repair companies in the state of Nebraska. Over the years we have worked with commercial properties of every type and scale to handle new construction concrete installation, as well as concrete repairs and restorations.

Our extensive experience in commercial concrete construction means that there is no job too big or small for us to handle. We can partner with your other contractors to handle new construction concrete installation, as well as repairing older concrete works to maximize their longevity.

Types of Businesses We Serve

Over the years Hank’s Concrete Service has worked with a staggering array of commercial properties, public institutions, and education centers throughout the state of Nebraska. This gives us the experience to understand and anticipate your new installation and concrete repair needs. We serve a wide variety of industries including:

  • Commercial properties
  • Commercial Warehouse Facilities
  • Industrial Sites & Factories
  • Airports
  • Malls & Retail Spaces
  • Public & Private Schools
  • Major Universities
  • Hospitals & Clinics
  • Labs & Research Facilities
  • Public Parks & Pavilions
  • Government Centers

Full Commercial Tear Out & Replace

The concrete of the past tends to have a shorter lifespan, than the modern-day equivalent. At Hank’s Concrete Service, we are proud to offer full commercial tear-out old concrete surfaces that have come to the end of their natural life.

Once the old concrete or other building materials have been removed and reclaimed, we can start replacing them with long-lasting, high-quality concrete. We use modern formulations of concrete which have nearly double the longevity of past surface materials, and apply them with industry-best practice techniques.


Concrete’s impressive load-bearing capabilities make it the ideal medium for commercial footings. This is the basic structure that all the floors, equipment, and machinery in a commercial property rely on to maintain firm support for decades to come.

In commercial concrete construction, there are three common types of footings that we can install.

A Floating Slab serves as a veritable foundation by providing one continuous grade that reinforces from the bottom or spreads out through a series of steel columns.

Footing & Grade Beams provide a strong foundation and can be poured as rectangular or square footings to confidently support grade beams.

Drilled Piers create a solid foundation where vertical piers are used instead of footings. They are drilled deep into the ground to ensure their long-term structural integrity.

Retaining Walls

Concrete has an impressive load-bearing capability that makes it an ideal material for heavy-duty commercial retaining walls. They can be used to hold back embankments, reinforce berms, divert water away from parking structures, reinforce commercial construction areas, and integrate beautifully into your commercial property’s landscaping concepts.

Commercial Flatwork

Commercial properties typically have a lot of horizontal surfaces that need to be immaculate in appearance as well as easy to maintain. This is yet another area where commercial concrete comes in handy for an enormous range of flatwork.

Concrete can be used as a commercial flooring material in industrial areas, communal spaces, and commercial warehouses. Concrete’s impressive load-bearing capabilities make it the perfect flatwork material for supporting a wide range of heavy equipment, as well as heavy storage.

Concrete can also be colored and tinted. This makes it a great option for commercial flooring and large high-traffic areas, where other flooring materials would be cost-prohibitive.

Concrete flooring can also be textured or stamped to mimic the appearance of natural stone. This can also be done to improve traction to decrease the risk of slips and falls from wet shoes walking across the floor.

Parking Lots

The short lifespan and high cost of the asphalt parking structures of yesteryear have caused them to fade out of popularity. Today commercial parking structures around the globe are embracing concrete as the ideal medium for all their parking and transport surfaces. The overall cost is much lower than outdated asphalt, and the longevity of a concrete parking surface delivers a hefty return on investment.

Concrete parking lots can also be textured to maintain good traction for vehicles during wet or icy weather. It can also be gently graded to divert rainwater and snowmelt away from the main parking surface and into the commercial drainage system.

Commercial Full Driveway Tear Out & Replace

Most commercial properties are rife with driveways that serve critical roles throughout the facility. They serve as means of conveyance. They connect commercial buildings. They support mobile industrial equipment and connect critical loading docks to the rest of the world. When one of these commercial driveways is cracked, damaged, or impassable, the effect on the rest of the commercial property can be immense.

Fortunately, Hank’s Concrete Service specializes in full commercial driveway tear-out and replacement. We can remove your old, defunct commercial driveway and replace it with a new one made from heavy-duty modern-day concrete that’s engineered to last.


The entryways and reception areas in your commercial property are the first thing that employees and guests see. They need to make a statement about the professionalism of everyone on site.

The versatility of concrete makes it the ideal medium for a crisp-looking and easy-to-maintain commercial entryway. The concrete can be colored to match your corporate identity. It can be sealed and painted with your corporate color scheme. It can even be stamped or textured to replicate the surface appearance of natural stone.

Commercial concrete entryways are also very easy to clean and maintain compared to other flooring materials. The surfaces can also be textured to provide superior traction for foot traffic during wet, rainy, or slippery conditions.

Loading Docks

Loading docks are the lifeblood of most commercial properties. Every day they take in and send out massive amounts of inventory. All this natural wear and tear means they need a robust heavy-duty material like concrete to keep the commercial loading docks in good working order.

At the same time, commercial concrete also has unmatched load-bearing capabilities. This is perfect for commercial properties that have to move pieces of heavy equipment and/or transport heavy freight.

Trash Pads

Commercial dumpsters see a lot of use and abuse. Every day they are loaded to capacity and then some. This can lead to trash deposits and unsanitary residue surrounding the dumpster that needs to be cleared away for health, safety, and liability protection.

The easy cleaning and maintenance of commercial concrete thus make it an ideal material for trash pads of every size. Commercial concrete can handle the rigors of power washing and commercial cleaning chemicals with ease.

Commercial Flooring

Commercial flooring in warehouses, industrial facilities, and equipment storage areas needs to be perfectly smooth and easy to maintain. Deformations in lesser types of flooring can easily damage forklift wheels, pallet jacks, and other commercial cargo vehicles.

At Hank’s Concrete Service, we pride ourselves on installing, and/or repairing concrete commercial flooring. The floors we create are perfectly smooth and easy to maintain. They also take advantage of concrete’s impressive load-bearing capabilities to provide all your commercial vehicles and equipment with the critical support they need while moving cargo.

HVAC / Utility Pads

Commercial properties of every kind rely on heavy-duty HVAC components to maintain their critical climate control systems. These pieces of HVAC equipment rely on heavy-duty commercial concrete pads to support them. Even the slightest deviation that develops over time can affect the relationship between the commercial HVAC system and the ventilation system.

At Hank’s Concrete Service, we pride ourselves on creating HVAC / Utility pads for all manner of commercial equipment. The pads we install have the structural integrity to bear the weight while maintaining their perfect grade for decades to come.


Commercial properties of every kind rely on ramps both for providing handicap accessibility as well as for transporting cargo and equipment throughout the facility. The Commercial concrete we use at Hank’s is strong enough to support any type of commercial ramp system. It can be graded to match the specific needs of your facility and reinforced to handle nearly any load.

Benefits Of Concrete

Concrete is the ideal construction medium for a diverse range of commercial applications. It offers superior load-bearing strength which makes it the ideal material for commercial footings and foundations as well as flatwork and commercial flooring.

Concrete is also ecologically friendly with minimal impact on the surrounding environment. Most modern-day concrete can even be recycled. Hank’s Concrete Service is also adept at quickly tearing out old, outdated concrete to replace it with new concrete that’s meant to last for decades.

Concrete is also highly customizable. It can be colored and/or sealed and painted to match or enhance your commercial property’s exterior or interior.

Commercial concrete can be textured or stamped to replicate the appearance of real stone or just about any other construction material. It can also be used for walkways, sidewalks, driveways, and other exterior flatwork with texture applied to the surface to improve traction during wet, slippery weather.

Concrete is also very cost-effective when it comes to installation and longevity. It provides a robust return on investment with an average lifespan of 30 to 40 years or more. All while being easier to clean and maintain than all other types of commercial flooring.

Why Choose Us

Hank’s Concrete Service is one of the leading commercial concrete contractors in the state of Nebraska. Our team of commercial concrete specialists are dedicated to quality concrete installation, restoration, repair, and replacement.

At Hank’s Concrete Service we pride ourselves on being honest, and upfront about pricing. From our founder to our laborers, we are dedicated to acting with integrity and a constant eye on attention to detail. All while embracing industry-leading innovation in concrete installation, restoration and repair practices.

Whatever type of commercial concrete service, repair or installation you need, you can trust that we are ready to handle any size job for any type of commercial property.

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